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Brass Elbow Pex Fittings

Full Port Brass PEX Ball Valves. Feature Teflon seats and ¼ turn steel handles. Both sides of the PEX valves are equal PEX connections. Can be used with all types of ASTM F876/877 PEX tubing. Compatible with both PEX Crimp connection system and PEX Clamp (Cinch) connection system.


- 1/2" PEX x 1/2" PEX Brass Ball Valve, Full Port
- 3/4" PEX x 3/4" PEX Brass Ball Valve, Full Port
- 1" PEX x 1" PEX Brass Ball Valve, Full Port, 1/4" turn

Brass Pex Fittings

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We can manufacturer and export any type of PEX Ball Valves as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact Us or Inquiry Now.