Process based FAQ's:

Q. What are the quality control measures taken in the manufacturing process?

A. Right from material procurement to order delivery, we have a stringent quality testing process. Also, we have ISO 9001:2008 certifications for quality control and RoHS compliance to authenticate material melds used in the manufacturing process. Further, we also manufacture in compliance with the VDA 6.3- German Automobile Standards. We have achieved the Six Sigma standard with zero defects in the manufacturing process.

Q. How is the material sourcing done for manufacturing and engineering process?

A. We have a holistic approach for material sourcing (ie) a production setup for the raw materials needed for manufacturing brass turned components. Even we have a strong supply channel with the vendor management system. To maintain the quality of raw materials we have a testing process in compliance with the RoHS standards.

Q. Does your company provide the designing services for the brass turned components?

A. Yes, we do provide the designing services with layouts sketched as per the requirements of customers and international standards to be complied for the manufacturing process.

Q. What is the sampling and tooling process of your company?

A. In the initial stage we start with sketching the specifications, designs and layouts. After customer's approval, we present them the range of materials to be selected for manufacturing. Gradually we move ahead with the engineering process.

Q. What type of order delivery mode do you provide?

A. We provider order delivery by rail, road and sea as per the customer conveniences.

Q. Do you offer shipment delivery contracts for offshore order delivery?

A. Yes, we enter into FOB (Free On Board ) contract, CIF ( Cost, Insurance and Freight ) contract and Ex-ship contract as per the customer's requirements.

Q. Does your company provide the warehousing services?

A. Yes, we offer well established warehousing solutions for our clients. We also help customers to combat the lead time constraints if any.

Q. Is your company open with venturing or contract manufacturing services?

A. Yes, we venture, partner and provide contract manufacturing for the following:

  • Research and Development
  • Product innovation
  • Material supplying
  • Testing purpose
  • For rendering services of particular process in manufacturing like designing, engineering and assembling.
  • To help the new entrants to start up their business.

Pricing and Product based FAQ's

Q. Do you provide customization in your offerings?

A. Yes, we provide customization in size, shape and dimensions depending on the purpose and requirements of the clients.

Q. What type of pricing do you offer?

A. We offer 'Going rate pricing'to our clients.

Q. Want to know about the discounts and schemes you offer for the orders you take up?

A. We offer discounts, schemes and allowances for the advance payments and bulk purchases.

Q. Do you provide the credit period in the payment process to your customers?

A. Yes, we allow a more credit period for our regular customers. It solely depends on the type of order placed. In major cases we allow a credit period of 10-15 days.

General FAQ's

Q. Do you have units set up in other countries?

A. Yes, we are positioned at 37, Douglas Road, Black Town, Sydney NSW 2148 in Australia.

Q. Are the lower volume orders welcomed?

A. Yes, we also take up orders for small quantities.

Q. Does your company indulge in yearly contracts?

A. Yes, we also take up the yearly contracts. The conditions of the contract depend on the purpose, requirements of the client and our way of manufacturing the Brass turned components.

Q. How is the quotation provided for each enquiry you receive?

A. We provide quotations in detail with specifications for tooling prices, batch size, part specification and the materials to be used. If required, we also provide quotations in customer's local currency.